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  • Dr. John Ziegler

ANF Executive Director's Update: Advancing Nursing Education and Recognition in Alabama

As the Executive Director of the Alabama Nurses Foundation (ANF), I am thrilled to share some exciting updates on our organization's recent accomplishments and initiatives. From supporting aspiring nurses through scholarships to partnering with prestigious institutions, ANF remains committed to advancing nursing education and recognizing outstanding contributions within the nursing community. Join me as we celebrate these significant milestones in our journey.

Spring Scholarship Awardees

ANF is proud to announce the recipients of our Spring Scholarship Awards. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated dedication, passion, and promise in pursuing a nursing career. The scholarships provide financial assistance and recognize their commitment to the nursing profession. Read the press release capturing the momentous occasion.

Co-sponsorship of the 2023 Alabama Nursing Hall of Fame Awards Banquet

ANF is honored to serve as a co-sponsor of the highly esteemed Alabama Nursing Hall of Fame Awards Banquet. This prestigious event, scheduled for November 2023 at the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa, will celebrate the achievements of extraordinary nurses who have significantly impacted their field. We invite you to stay tuned for further details and anticipate an evening filled with inspiration and appreciation.

Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund at Auburn University College of Nursing

In May 2023, ANF established a monumental $100,000 Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund at Auburn University College of Nursing. This endowment will provide perpetual support for nursing students pursuing their educational aspirations at one of Alabama's leading academic institutions. We are confident that this investment will shape the future of nursing and foster a new generation of exceptional caregivers.

Distribution of "Alabama's Notable Nurses" Book

ANF takes great pride in recognizing the accomplishments of Alabama's legacy nurses. In May 2023, we distributed the book Alabama's Notable Nurses to 38 Schools of Nursing and Community College nursing programs. Co-authored by esteemed ANF board member, Dr. Constance Hendricks, this captivating publication highlights the careers of over 250 Alabama nurses who have dedicated more than 30 years to the nursing profession. We celebrate their invaluable contributions to healthcare and hope their stories inspire future generations of nurses.

Support for Virtual Reality Training Program at the University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing

In June 2023, ANF provided a generous grant of $75,000 to the University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing. This funding will enable the development of a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) software and headsets training program. The program aims to enhance student's educational experiences by simulating real-life clinical scenarios and equipping them with valuable skills before engaging with patients in hospital settings. VR technology represents the future of nursing education and is poised to revolutionize how students learn and prepare for their careers.

Match Funding for DNP Student Scholarship Endowment at Troy University School of Nursing

ANF is pleased to announce its collaboration with two former Deans of the Troy University School of Nursing. Together, we have established a $50,000 DNP student scholarship endowment. This initiative aligns with the expansion of the nursing school, with the construction of their new Health Sciences Building, set to be completed in 2024. By investing in the education of future nurse leaders, we contribute to the growth and development of the nursing profession.

The Alabama Nurses Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting nursing education and recognizing excellence within the nursing community. From scholarships and endowments to groundbreaking VR training programs, ANF continues to champion innovation and invest in the future of nursing.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners, sponsors, and supporters for their unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare in Alabama. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for nursing, where compassion, skill, and knowledge thrive.

Please continue supporting our mission by purchasing the Nurses Save Lives car tags in Alabama or donating directly through this website. Your donations are tax-deductible and go directly toward helping current and future nurses in our state.


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