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Alabama Nurses Foundation Announces 2023 Fall Scholarship Program Recipients

The Alabama Nurses Foundation (ANF) is proud to announce the exceptional recipients of the 2023 Fall Scholarship Program, recognizing outstanding nursing students who have demonstrated unwavering dedication to the nursing profession and a commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Every year, the ANF awards scholarships to aspiring nurses across the state of Alabama, providing financial support and encouragement as they pursue their educational and professional goals. This fall, we received a multitude of applications from exceptionally talented individuals, each with a unique story and a passion for making a positive impact in healthcare.

After a rigorous selection process, we are thrilled to introduce this year's scholarship winners:

Graduate Scholarship Recipients: Jamie Atkins (The University of Alabama at Birmingham), Colin Tomblin (The University of Alabama)

BSN Scholarship Recipients: Jessica Woods (The University of Alabama at Birmingham), Kristen Garrett (The University of Alabama at Birmingham), Virginia Maxwell (Auburn University), Ellen Barrett (Jefferson State Community College / UAB), Zaria Harris (The University of West Alabama), Kyra Washington (Auburn University of Montgomery)

LPN/Associates Scholarship Recipients: William Rogers (Bishop State Community College), Virginia Bell (Coastal Alabama Community College), Vanessa Cotton (Shelton State Community College), Temia White (Drake State Community & Technical College), Shelesia Kennedy (Shelton State Community College), Norah Trotman (Northeast Alabama Community College), Makenzie Lawler (Northwest Shoals Community College), Kayla Billups (Shelton State Community College), Joshua McKenzie (Gadsden State Community College), Haleigh Dubose (Coastal Alabama Community College), Geovanna Martins (Coastal Alabama Community College), Ethan Bertagnolli (Coastal Alabama Community College), Brinleigh Blackwell (Northeast Alabama Community College), Dianne Mitchell (Coastal Alabama Community College), Arielle Smith (Shelton State Community College), Amanda Threatt (Wallace State Community College)

These exceptional individuals have demonstrated not only academic excellence but also a deep-seated commitment to the nursing profession. Their dedication to improving healthcare outcomes, their community involvement, and their compassionate nature have set them apart as rising stars in the field of nursing.

The ANF believes that investing in the education of these future healthcare leaders is an investment in the well-being of our communities. We are proud to support these scholarship recipients as they embark on their educational journeys, and we are excited to witness the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on the healthcare landscape in Alabama and beyond.

We extend our sincere congratulations to the scholarship recipients and our heartfelt appreciation to all applicants for their dedication to the nursing profession. We encourage all aspiring nurses to stay committed to their goals and continue making a difference in healthcare.

About the Alabama Nurses Foundation

The Alabama Nurses Foundation (ANF) is committed to supporting nursing education and the development of future nursing leaders. Through scholarships and grants, the ANF empowers aspiring nurses to pursue their educational and professional dreams. The organization is dedicated to advancing the nursing profession and improving healthcare outcomes in Alabama.


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