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Alabama Nurses Foundation Announces Spring 2023 Scholarship Winners

The Alabama Nurses Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of its spring 2023 nursing scholarships. These scholarships are awarded each spring and fall to outstanding nursing students attending Alabama-based nursing schools who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, academic excellence, and a commitment to the nursing profession.

The Alabama Nurses Foundation received an overwhelming number of applications this year, making the selection process highly competitive.

After careful deliberation and review of numerous applications, the Alabama Nurses Foundation Scholarship Committee has chosen the following exceptional individuals as the winners of the spring 2023 scholarships:

  • Ruby Amys, The University of Mobile

  • Ashlyn Jones, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Zaria Harris, The University of West Alabama

  • Amber Knight, Wallace State Community College

Each of these recipients has displayed an unwavering commitment to nursing, a remarkable academic record, and a profound desire to make a difference in healthcare. The Alabama Nurses Foundation is proud to support these deserving students in pursuing higher education and their professional aspirations.

"These scholarship winners represent the future of nursing in Alabama," said John Ziegler, Executive Director at the Alabama Nurses Foundation. "We were highly impressed by their passion, achievements, and dedication to improving healthcare outcomes. We are confident that they will go on to become compassionate and skilled nurses who will positively impact the lives of countless patients in Alabama."

The Alabama Nurses Foundation would like to thank all the students who applied for the scholarships. The Foundation recognizes the immense potential of each applicant and encourages them to continue their pursuit of excellence in nursing.

The scholarships awarded by the Alabama Nurses Foundation are primarily made possible by purchasing Nurses Save Lives tags, as $42 of each purchase goes towards funding scholarships in Alabama.

For more information about the Alabama Nurses Foundation and its scholarship program, please visit

About Alabama Nurses Foundation:

The Alabama Nurses Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was established in 1984 to serve the nursing profession in the state through educational support, research grants, and benevolent assistance to nurses in crisis. Over the years, the ANF has provided scholarships related to nursing education and community grants for qualifying projects initiated by nurses. In 2015 the “Nurses Save Lives” specialty auto license tags were approved by the Alabama Legislature, and the popularity of the tags has grown every year in significant proportions. Consequently, the ANF has been able to increase scholarship awards and will be adding new programs for research grants and benevolence assistance to nurses. Find out how to get your own specialty auto license tag supporting Alabama's nurses.


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